Updating ps3 internet browser

The PS3's Internet Browser really needs an update for the following reasons:1.Apart from Youtube, videos on websites don't play anymore.2.The Play Station 3's web browser has been a waste of time for most users, with its slow browsing and its limited use of interactive content.

It’s recommended that you download the latest version of the PS3 operating software system.Double-click your AVI file to load the soundtrack in the audio editor.This free tool claims to be able to repair 87 percent of corrupted MP3s. The bezier curve pen tool allows you to create smooth lines by just applying a stroke to the Path.If you experiencing problems with updating the PS3 software to the latest available version, try deleting the cookies and cache files for each user on the PS3 system from within the Internet Browser of your Play Station. Delete Cache & Cookies To do this simply perform the following.From the Home Menu - [Network], then select [internet browser].

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