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Although my journey has been great so far...looking for someone to go further with.... They gave me the traveling bug from a young age and took me to Spain, Costa Rica, etc. I don't consider myself to be much like other girls, I've never been too big on drama or anything else of the petty nature. I love doing active things, especially being outdoors.

I am a counselor at a middle school for at-risk youth in San Francisco. I'm very mature for my age, but I can also be silly and fun. I'm a down to earth good girl, with a few bad habits. I've always secretly liked women but didn't tell anyone. I am a laid back personality, but I also take my work and career and school very seriously. Arieanna 24 , October scorpio to the fullest very mature for my age, always have been, always hung out with and dated people older than myself an information junkie, always researching and finding out how or why something is the way it is full time fashion merchandising student, part time … I think I have a creative side to me and also am easy to get along with.

I just graduated with a Feminist Studies bachelors degree at UCSC. all kinds all day every day:) Assassins creed and most defiantly the outdoors:) Im short! Life is all about enjoying the journey and the people you meet along the way.

Thursday, April 20, 2017, 5 pm The Logic of Zen Kōans T.

Most ideas take a circuitous path through the process, shaped by unique people and events.

Move your mouse pointer over the flowchart to reveal an additional level of detail.

I didn't know your name, but somehow we still made it back to your house, where i proceeded to [tickle] you over your child's crib, repeatedly. At 6 AM, like any good mother, you drove me home in time for school, telling me on the way that you are 27 and have a 2 year old child.

I must know your name, mystery [mother I would like to get to know better].

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