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Denton’s receptionist sits beneath a large digital screen known as the Big Board, which lists the ten best-performing posts across the company network; these are determined by the number of new readers—as opposed to returning obsessives—in the previous hour.Denton says that the primary purpose of the Big Board is to encourage competition among his writers.

Astride the pinnacle, however, stands someone whose surname goes back not even two generations in the U. President Obama’s administration finds itself at the true helm of the American economy and, to a large extent, then, at that of the real estate markets.The season included hold-over episodes from the sixth season, which was cut short due to the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike.It received a mixed reception from critics, the more-negative reviews criticizing the overuse of cutaways and the more positive praising its story-based episodes.A few months ago, he told the , “Sometimes one sees writers just standing before it, like early hominids in front of a monolith.” But on the day I first visited the office, in late July, there was no one standing before the board, and, in fact, there was nothing the board. Since our last list, in May 2008, New York devolved from a city of infinite victory and possibility to one of survival and recrimination. Toward the top are money (emphasis on men—only 12 women on the list), and New York’s firmly established surnames, those likeliest to withstand the recession: the Macks, Milsteins, Feils, Fishers, Malkins, Roses and Walentases all debut.

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