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Employees and residents told us the park will soon be sold by tycoon owner Zhou Weisen to make way for homes and the tigers moved to a new site five miles away which is three times the size to cope with the rocketing tiger population.When the tigers of Xiongsen die, either of old age, illness or fights with other tigers, they are taken to a factory deep in Zhou's hometown, a rural backwater 250 miles from Guilin called Pingnan, where their skeletons are steeped in huge vats of rice wine for up to eight years.

Chen Hao plays Wan Ling, a classic Chinese beauty who frequently moves between relationships, while Xue Jianing is Ha Mei, a trendy but nave woman.

Unsurprisingly, they are not popular Craze: In fact, the farm owners don't care if the animals starve to death - they are just interested in the doomed tigers' bones (pictured) which they turn into wine and sell for as much as £400 a bottle Tiger bones are steeped in rice wine for up to eight years and then bottled with a mixture of Chinese herbs and snake extract to produce a sickly-sweet 38 per cent proof brown liquor that tastes like a mixture of cough medicine and cheap brandy.

Disturbingly, our investigation found, China's thirst for the illicit product is so great that existing tiger farms are expanding and breeding more animals while neighbouring countries including Laos and Vietnam are setting up new farms to feed demand.

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